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iCompost Technology

Conscious Lifestyle. Lead the Innovation. Rethink

Uses 0.7kWh of energy which costs R1.30

505 people in SA own it. Stock sold out. Submit a request for the next shipment

Our waste is impacting the planet and we need to do something. We need more people to lead the change, and we think technology can enable them.


iCompost is a kitchen waste composting appliance that turns your food waste into compost at the touch of a button.

Technology enables change

Waste to resource

Turn your kitchen scraps into compost in 3 easy steps

1. Fill
2. Transform
3. Fertilize

Put all types of food waste gathered throughout the day, including coffee grounds, tea bags and egg shells.

Press Start. In just a few hours, its odourless and low-noise technology transforms your food waste into compost.

The result: a dry, natural and nutrient-rich soil amendment for plants, lawns and gardens.

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Unfortunately it's not affordable to most of SA because there's no economy of scale so we couldn't bring the price down from the factory. But you'll love it.

Lead the #CompostCulture

Composting is popular in the West but new in South Africa.

Lead the change.

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Conscious lifestyle

Be aware of, and taken action on, the impacts of our way of living

Inspire others on more sustainable ways to live

Lead the Innovation

By purchasing an iCompost, you are helping to make composting at home the norm in South Africa.

1st in South Africa

Gift it to someone who loves sustainable living.

Best gift idea

Convenient Composting

Using technology to create no-hassle composting

Easy to use

Fast and automatic process that transforms your waste in 4 to 6 hours and effortlessly.


Its carbon filter system keeps your environment clean and odour free.

No odor, no flies

The bowl and the blades can be cleaned in the dishwasher, or the self-clean option can be used.

Easy to maintain

Continue your activities undisturbed, as the device noise does not exceed 60 decibels.

If you can't finish your food, i will.
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