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This is a first of its kind product in South Africa so you may have many questions, but we've tried to answer them all here. If you need to ask anything else, feel free to ask a question on the Forum.

  • How Much Does a Filter Refill Cost?
    A filter refill is currently available for R100
  • What Is the iCompost Device’s Energy Consumption?
    The iCompost device is an energy efficient appliance that consumes, on average, 700w of energy for a full processing cycle. See the carbon footprint of this energy usage
  • How Does the iCompost Device Work?
    The iCompost device's unique technology transforms food waste into an early-stage compost for pot plants plants, the vegetable garden or flower beds. In just a few hours, its drying and grinding process reduces the volume of the waste by up to 90%, without any unpleasant odors. This alternative solution to composting is ideal for reducing your environmental impact by following three easy steps: Step 1 - FILL the bowl with up to 2L of organic material Step 2 - TRANSFORM your food waste into natural fertilizer simply by pressing Start Step 3 - FERTILIZE your various green spaces For a full breakdown on how it works, see here
  • How Much Waste Can the iCompost Device Hold?
    The iCompost device is small, but has enough capacity for a day's worth of kitchen scraps. Its bowl can hold up to 2L of organic material, which usually weighs 1kg. To facilitate the processing of food waste, you must follow the maximum fill line located in the bucket. You can fill the bucket bit-by-bit everyday and run it when full, but we recommend to not store the waste more than a week.
  • How Long Does a Transformation Cycle Last?
    Between 4 and 6 hours. The iCompost device's cycle is fully automatic and stops itself when the material is dry. The length of a cycle varies according to the moisture content of the processed food. Drier food will result in a shorter cycle and vice versa.
  • What Are the Dimensions of the iCompost Device?
    The iCompost device measures 35cm long x 19cm wide x 19cm high. When the cover is open, the height is 50cm. The power cord on the back of the unit is approximately 1 m long.
  • Does the iCompost Device Come With an Included Filter?
    Yes, the iCompost device comes with 2 odor filters.
  • What Is the Anti-odour Filter Made Of?
    The iCompost device's anti-odour filter is replaceable, and is recommended to be changed every 2 months with regular usage. This content is composed of activated carbon granules and a dust filter. In order to avoid waste, when you purhase a new filter, we can take back your old filter and refresh the contents for use again.
  • Does the iCompost Device Give Off Heat When It Is in Use?
    Yes, like other small kitchen appliances (microwave, toaster, bread maker, etc.), the iCompost gives off some heat when it is in use. However, this heat is not significant and will not affect the temperature of the room or damage anything near the device.
  • Are There Any Odours When the iCompost Device Is On?
    No, the iCompost device offers you an odor-free food waste processing experience with its refillable activated carbon odor filter. For more details on the odor control filter, please see the Odor Control Filter section.
  • Is the iCompost Device Noisy When It Is Running?
    No, the iCompost device is quiet and never exceeds 60 decibels, which is comparable to the noise of a standard dishwasher.
  • Must the iCompost Device Be Plugged in at All Times?
    No, but you must plug in the iCompost device before starting a cycle. We recommend that you unplug it afterwards, to avoid phantom loads.
  • What food can be processed by iCompost?
    Any kind of food waste can go in iCompost including, vegetable and fruit offcuts, rotten fruit and vegetables, tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells, meat, small bones and cooked food. However to have the most pleasent experience it is better to only put raw vegan waste. What can't go in the iCompost for now Liquids, tissue papers, biodegradable packaging, seashells, hard nut shells For full guidelines, see here
  • Do I Need to Cut Up My Food Waste Before Adding It to the iCompost Device?
    Yes we recommend it when the food is bigger (ex: corn cobs, potatoes), robust (ex: citrus peel) or fibrous (ex: spinach). This will facilitate the grinding and drying of these foods. Cut fibrous foods (banana peelings, green onions, asparagus, celeries, etc.) also prevent them from wrapping around the blades if left whole
  • How Can I Ensure an Optimal Processing Cycle?
    To ensure an ideal processing cycle, it is strongly recommended to add a variety of foods to each cycle. Avoid adding a single type of table scrap in very large quantities, especially if it falls into the category of In small doses. This could result in a less optimal finish in terms of texture at the end of the cycle.
  • How does Pre-Ordering Work? (discontinued)
    When you pre-order a product it is usually a few months before a product is readily available for delivery. However, in exchange for ordering in advance, you are rewarded with a massive discount and earlier delivery than those who wait (many months after you). You will be able to log in to your account on this website (see the login bar in the header) to track the status of your pre-order, chat with support, or to make any changes to your details.
  • When Will I Receive My Pre-Ordered iCompost Device? (discontinued)
    Batch 1: By 30 May 2022 Batch 2: By 30 September 2022 We manufacture the Filters and Activators ourselves in Johannesburg and the units are manufactured overseas and shipped to us in Johannesburg to check before couriering them to you. We will keep you updated at each stage so please ensure you input your correct email when ordering.
  • What Payment Methods Are Available to Make a Purchase?
    Only direct payment methods are available on our website as follows: Credit and Debit cards (local and international): MasterCard, Visa, Verve and American Express. Instant EFT: Capitec, Nedbank, FNB, Absa, Standard Bank, Investec, African Bank, Bidvest, Thymebank Masterpass: ABSA, Capitec, Nedbank, Standard Bank, FNB Snapscan Manual EFT, card machine and cash are not available as options at this stage. All payments are in South African Rands and Incl. VAT
  • May I Cancel My iCompost Pre-Order? (discontinued)
    You may cancel your order at any time within the pre-order period, by contacting customer service at at no charge. If you wish to cancel your order after the pre-order period and the item has not yet been shipped, iCompost reserves the right to deduct from the refunded amount an administration and transaction fee equal to 5% of the refunded amount minus all applicable sales taxes. If your item has already been shipped, you will need to refer to the applicable return policy.
  • What Is the Warranty on My iCompost Device?
    The Compost Kitchen warrants that the iCompost device is free from defects in workmanship, premature wear and tear or breakage for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase as shown on the invoice issued by iCompost when used under normal household conditions and maintained in accordance with the requirements described in the User's Guide (the "Warranty"), subject to the following: What is covered by the Warranty: - The iCompost appliance and/or non-removable parts found to be defective, at The Compost Kitchen's sole discretion, will be repaired or replaced, at The Compost Kitchen's absolute discretion, up to one (1) year after the date of purchase as shown on the original invoice issued by The Compost Kitchen. - Repair and shipping costs. - In the event of the replacement of a iCompost device, the warranty expires six (6) months after the date of receipt of the replacement device or the remainder of the existing warranty, whichever is later. iCompost reserves the right to replace the iCompost device with a iCompost device of equal or greater value. What is not covered by the warranty: - Normal wear and tear on parts (such as blades and carbon filters) that require regular maintenance and/or replacement to keep your iCompost device working properly is not covered by the Warranty. Replacement parts are available for purchase on the website. - Any damage caused by misuse, abuse, negligent handling, lack of maintenance (e.g., failure to use the iCompost in accordance with the instructions in the User's Guide), or damage caused by mishandling during shipment. - Any iCompost device that has been altered or used for commercial purposes. - Any defect caused by repairs not authorized by iCompost. Warranty coverage applies to the original owner and the original iCompost device only and is not transferable. Any repairs may, at The Compost Kitchen's sole discretion, be performed at a iCOmpost Certified Service Centre. Before going to an iCompost Certified Service Centre, you must obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from iCompost Technical Support. You agree and acknowledge that upon expiration of the warranty, you will be responsible for all repairs and shipping costs. The Compost Kitchen may, but is not obligated to, sell your replacement or substitute parts for any repair not covered by the warranty. The Compost Kitchen will give first priority to the repair of your device. Depending on the case, The Compost Kitchen may, at its discretion, ship your device to its office or other location designated by The Compost Kitchen for repair, or ship the necessary parts and repair instructions for you to make the repair yourself.
  • How Will My iCompost Device Be Delivered?
    By truck via The Courier Guy. At the time of shipment, you will receive an email with a tracking number. This number will allow you to track your package on the Courier Guy website.
  • Download the complete User Guide
    See our complete User Guide here
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