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M Pierson
Jul 23, 2022
In General Discussion
Hello - I received my machine a couple of weeks ago and only managed to get it going yesterday. It looks like it was a success, I assume an end result that looks a bit like tea leaves is what is supposed to happen? :) I have some questions! The user guide doesn't mention anything about the filter and the machine gave off quite a strong smell. Was I supposed to add something to the filter before or was it already set up? It also ran for almost 12 hours, overnight. When I turned it off this morning, the Power and UV lights were showing - is that expected? It was still making its working, whirring sound at the time. I reckon page 5 of your user manual could use a bit of work in terms of the steps. For example, there's a step about turning it on and running it, and then adding the activator? Surely it should be the other way around. To me, the steps didn't flow. Happy to provide any user feedback you might be looking for and thank you for such a lovely machine :) Thanks, M

M Pierson

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