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We think technology is the best solution to make composting easy, hygienic and vermin-free.

iCompost has a suite of features to make this possible. Watch how it works:

iCompost open mockup.png
Easy Composting

iCompost turns your food waste into compost at the touch of a button. Everyday you put your kitchen scraps in the machine, press START, and when you wake up in the morning you will have early-stage compost that you can use in your garden.

Touch Panel

iCompost is an intelligent appliance which converts kitchen waste into compost in 4 steps: Drying, grinding, cooling and UV sterilising. It has a touch panel to also allow you to switch to Cleaning mode.

iCompost touch panel.png
iCompost grinder.png

iCompost has a grinder which breaks up your food waste into small pieces so that it can be composted faster. The 2L bucket can be removed from the machine so that you can pour the compost directly into your garden. The bucket is also dishwasher safe.

Carbon Filter

iCompost has a carbon filter to remove any odours that may be in your food waste. This ensures that it can be used comfortably in the kitchen, scullery, garage or in apartments. We recommend to change the filter every 3 months. 

iCompost carbon filter.png
iCompost Compost Activator.png
Compost Activator

Compost Activator is a locally made additive which enables the machine to produce compost, as well as absorb odours. One sachet is needed per cycle (now changed to teaspoon method)

Real Compost

By adding Compost Activator to the cycle, iCompost produces an early-stage compost. This can be mixed directly into the soil around plants, or fed to an earthworm farm for further maturing.

iCompost real compost_edited.png
iCompost UV steralization.png
UV Steralization

iCompost has an ultraviolet light to disinfect any nasty diseases that may be present in the food waste. Although we encourage exposure to microorganisms, we think the kitchen should still be a hygienic place so it's better to sterilise the waste and add beneficial organisms another way. 

What can go in?

iCompost can take any food waste including fruit, veg, tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells, animal products and small bones. 

Try to avoid seashells, hard nut shells and garden waste. See the full guideline here

Compost pail near chopping board 1.jpeg
Electricity smart meter.jpeg
Energy Usage

A typical cycle for 1kg of food waste uses approximately 0.7 kWh of electricity - equivalent to toasting a loaf of bread.

We know we're using electricity to save the environment which seems a bit contradictory, but we've done the carbon footprint analysis and are confident that the planet would be better-off if each home had one of these machines instead of letting food waste go to landfill. See the numbers here

iCompost has everything you need!

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