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Users Guide
Quick Start Guide

We know you've been waiting long and you're excited to try your new iCompost, so here's a quick start guide. However, we recommend to read the full Users Guide first.

  1. Place the iCompost in a well ventilated room, near a window

  2. Fill the bucket with 'raw vegan' waste (keep it simple for your first run). A detailed guide of what can go in the iCompost can be found here

  3. Add a tea-cup of water (approx. 100ml) in the bucket with the waste

  4. Add 4 Tbsp Compost Activator in the bucket on top of the waste

  5. Close the lid, pressing quite firmly until you hear a click. The control panel will light up when the lid is closed 

  6. Touch the Power button for 2 seconds to begin the cycle. The Power and Dry indicators will stay illuminated when it has begun

  7. When the cycle is complete (in about 5 hours), it will beep 3 times and then the lights on the control panel will turn off

  8. Join the Composting SA Facebook group if you have any questions

Download Full Users Guide
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