Users Guide
Quick Start Guide

We know you've been waiting long and you're excited to try your new iCompost, so here's a quick start guide. However, we recommend to read the full Users Guide first.

  1. Place the iCompost in a well ventilated room, near a window

  2. Store the Compost Activator in a sealed container that you can use daily, and keep a Tablespoon in it for convenience.  

  3. Fill the bucket with 'raw vegan' waste (keep it simple for your first run). A detailed guide of what can go in the iCompost can be found here

  4. Chop up waste that could wrap around the blade or get stuck underneath it (such as celery or citrus)

  5. Don't fill the bucket over the engraved maximum line

  6. Place the bucket back in the iCompost, ensuring that it fits snugly. You might have to rotate the bucket until it sits down fully. The handle will be able to fold down into the available slot

  7. Add a tea-cup of water (approx. 100ml) in the bucket with the waste

  8. Add 4 Tbsp Compost Activator in the bucket on top of the waste

  9. Close the lid, pressing quite firmly until you hear a click. The control panel will light up when the lid is closed 

  10. Touch the Power button for 2 seconds to begin the cycle. The Power and Dry indicators will stay illuminated when it has begun

  11. Please note that the first time you turn on the machine, black dust may blow out of the air filter 

  12. When the cycle is complete (in about 5 hours), it will beep 3 times and then the lights on the control panel will turn off

  13. If the lid is not opened within 30 minutes of the cycle finishing, iCompost will automatically go into standby mode - where the UV lamp activates, with occasional turning of the blade. This will be confirmed by the UV and Power indicators being illuminated

  14. Bury your compost in your garden so that it can feed your soil. More about the output is here

  15. Join the Composting SA Facebook group if you have any questions

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