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Applicable for orders before 10 Nov 2022

The Compost Kitchen warrants that the iCompost device is free from defects in workmanship, premature wear and tear or breakage for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase as shown on the invoice issued by iCompost when used under normal household conditions and maintained in accordance with the requirements described in the User's Guide (the "Warranty"), subject to the following:


What is covered by the Warranty:


- The iCompost appliance and/or non-removable parts found to be defective, at The Compost Kitchen's sole discretion, will be repaired or replaced, at The Compost Kitchen's absolute discretion, up to one (1) year after the date of purchase as shown on the original invoice issued by The Compost Kitchen. - Repair and shipping costs.

- In the event of the replacement of a iCompost device, the warranty expires six (6) months after the date of receipt of the replacement device or the remainder of the existing warranty, whichever is later. iCompost reserves the right to replace the iCompost device with a iCompost device of equal or greater value.


What is not covered by the warranty:


- Normal wear and tear on parts (such as blades and carbon filters) that require regular maintenance and/or replacement to keep your iCompost device working properly is not covered by the Warranty. Replacement parts are available for purchase on the website.

- Any damage caused by misuse, abuse, negligent handling, lack of maintenance (e.g., failure to use the iCompost in accordance with the instructions in the User's Guide), or damage caused by mishandling during shipment.

- Any iCompost device that has been altered or used for commercial purposes.

- Any defect caused by repairs not authorized by iCompost.


Warranty coverage applies to the original owner and the original iCompost device only and is not transferable.


Any repairs may, at The Compost Kitchen's sole discretion, be performed at a iCompost Certified Service Centre. Before going to an iCompost Certified Service Centre, you must obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from iCompost Technical Support.


You agree and acknowledge that upon expiration of the warranty, you will be responsible for all repairs and shipping costs.


The Compost Kitchen may, but is not obligated to, sell your replacement or substitute parts for any repair not covered by the warranty.


The Compost Kitchen will give first priority to the repair of your device. Depending on the case, The Compost Kitchen may, at its discretion, ship your device to its office or other location designated by The Compost Kitchen for repair, or ship the necessary parts and repair instructions for you to make the repair yourself.

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